Two historic Baroque palaces in the alleys of Ortigia, which allow you to intensely experience the warmth and emotions of this unique island, this is Lanterne Magiche Ortigia.

The soft atmosphere created by the lanterns that illuminate the path in the evening and the reference to the seventh art, that of the cinema, which is celebrated by the memorabilia present in the structures, characterize the apartments that offer all the comfort of a hotel to organize your own stay in Ortigia according to the kind of holiday you desire.

To differentiate itself from other hotels, a location of great architectural value and great charm has been designed as an ideal place to spend your holidays: the area is full of delightful restaurants, elegant shops and refined bars for an excellent Italian aperitivo. At a stone's throw from the enchanting cliff of Ortigia.

Professional and discreet staff to assist you in planning your days and your excursions to discover this corner of Sicily with its still very visible Greek influences, or to allow you the maximum relaxation lulled by the sea breeze. The convenience of a hotel and the freedom of a residence.

Syracuse, founded around the year 743 BC by the Corinthians, holds precious testimonies that strongly evoke the splendor of Magna Graecia, of which the island of Ortigia is a unique treasure chest in the world.

Our palaces are located in the heart of ancient Giudecca, in front of an ancient Mikvé (or Mikveh): a Jewish purification bath dating back to the fifteenth century BC.

The town of Syracuse has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco and has 18 sites registered in the World Heritage.

The sea, the mountains, the beaches, the wildlife oases, the wineries, the orange groves, the cinema, the history, the literature and the nature: your type of holiday in a single destination.

You can move around the area to discover the places immortalized by the fiction dedicated to Commissioner Montalbano by Camilleri or study every corner dedicated to Sicilian Baroque, its lights and shadows and then enjoy the most beautiful and romantic sunset in Ortigia from our terrace.

The same property also offers a "country house" near the Cala Mosche beach, in the Vendicari nature reserve, for those who want an immersion in the nature and a different and unique holiday experience, different from a more classic hotel.

Your home in Sicily is waiting for you.