Located where the acropolis of Syracuse was once, it is a baroque enchantment.

The source from which water flows since ancient times, where the legends of the nymph Aretusa and the god Alpheus echo.

Neighbourhood where Lanterne Magiche Ortigia is located.
The heart of the old town with its lovely alleys!

An ancient Mikvè (or Mikveh), a Jewish purification bath that, according to some studies, is the oldest of all the European Synagogues dating back to the 6th cent

With its Greek Theatre, the Latomia del Paradiso and the Ear of Dionysus are an immersion in the classical world.

The oldest testimony of the presence of a church in Syracuse and Sicily.
It dates back to the 3rd century A.C.

An elegant castle wanted by Frederick II built between 1232 and 1240.

The Dionysian walls were built by the tire Dionysium I for the defence of Syracuse and the nearby plateau of the Epipolis, a fundamental strategic point for the c

The oldest of those of Syracuse.
A combination of human activity and the power of nature.
An exotic and fantastic environment. 

The Archimede's Techno-park is a permanent exhibition, inside which it is possible to admire replicas and scale reproductions of machinery used in the third centu